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Blue Mountains Wildflowers
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The Blue Mountains National Park and surrounding reserves are a treasure trove of stunning wildflowers.

Gazetted in 1959, the Blue Mountains National Park covers 250,000 hectares and is located 60km from Sydney.

In November 2000, the Greater Blue Mountains (including the Blue Mountains National Park) was listed as a World Heritage Area. It covers an area of over one million hectares.

My area of interest is bounded by Newnes State Forest in the north, Lake Burragorang in the south, the Nepean River in the east and Jenolan Caves in the west. Around 250,000 hectares.

Mapping this area against PlantNet provides a list of 2,700 native plant species/subspecies - 100 of which are threatened species. The area also contains 60 gazetted weeds.

These webpages provide a collection of wildflower images. Its purpose is to showcase the native plants and allow their identification. One can't help to look in awe at the intricate beauty provided by these macro images.

Our wildflowers webpages contain over 250 species. The species have been divided into five webpages based on botanical families.

Sunshine Wattle Sunshine Wattle

Families Mimosaceae and Myrtaceae

Wattles, eucalypts and tea-trees

Mountain Devil Mountain Devil

Family Proteaceae

Banksias, grevilleas, geebungs and hakeas

Spotted Sun Orchid Spotted Sun Orchid

Families Fabaceae, Orchidaceae, Liliaceae and Iridaceaee

Pea Flowers, orchids, lillies and irises

Pink Swamp Heath Pink Swamp Heath

Families Rutaceae, Dilleniaceae & Epacridaceae

Boronias, guinea flowers & heaths

Pink Flannel Flower Pink Flannel Flower

- but certainly not lesser.

Representing over 100 families. Including flannel flowers, trigger-plants and violets.

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