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Australian flora and fauna
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Australia has over 25,000* plant species and 2,100* animal & bird species. Many are only found in Australia.
(* Australian Biological Resources Study)

You're welcome to use our images for any non-commercial use - just acknowledge our website.

Blue Mountains Nature cover
Blue Mountains Nature - an introduction is a book for children about the native animals and plants of Blue Mountains.

It's an introduction to the wonders of nature; an invitation to look and learn in their garden and in the bush.

The 100 page book describes over 70 common native species and includes 200 images. It's an A5 spiral bound book for easier handling.

Here's an example of the Echidna,  Eastern Spinebill,  Kookaburra  and  orchids pages.

It is presented as a personal diary with the description of each animal and plant followed by a suggestion of what to look for in their garden and the bush. A set of questions is then asked that can be ticked off.

The book is available at most bookshops in the Blue Mountains.

For enquiries and orders please contact Alan Page at this email address.

Govett Gorge Govett Gorge   (Ian Brown)

Waratah Software is proud to announce the development of a new website which focuses on Blue Mountains nature.

In collaboration with Ian Brown - the foremost Blue Mountains nature photographer - the website showcases our natural heritage and artistic endeavours.

You will find the website here.

for the birds
Spotted Pardalote Spotted Pardalote
Images of over 110 birds.
 ♦  About Birds + our index
 ♦  Parrots
 ♦  Water Birds
 ♦  Black Birds
 ♦  Small Birds & Honeyeaters
 ♦  Large Birds & Birds of Prey
Plus our profiles of -
 ♦  Australian King-Parrot
 ♦  Channel-billed Cuckoo (juvenile)
 ♦  Crimson Rosella
 ♦  Laughing Kookaburra
 ♦  Rainbow Lorikeet
 ♦  Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
 ♦  Tawny Frogmouth
here be dragons
Eastern Water Dragon Eastern Water Dragon
♦  Eastern Water Dragon
♦  Jacky Lizard
♦  Mountain Dragon
♦  Skinks
♦  Southern Leaf-tailed Gecko
   & creepy crawlies

♦  Golden Orb-weaving Spider
♦  St. Andrew's Cross Spider

The Three Sisters The Three Sisters
The World Heritage Blue Mountains National Park covers 250,000 hectares.

Our wildflowers webpages contain over 300 species.

Species are divided into 6 webpages based on botanical families.

We have recently combined acacias and peaflowers (Fabaceae family) on their own webpage, and have eucalypts and tea-trees (Myrtaceae family) in their own webpage.

Whale Rock Whale Rock
Lane Cove National Park covers 600 hectares and is in the heart of Sydney.

Our wildflowers webpages contain over 200 species and have been divided into 5 webpages based on botanical families. Plus there's a weeds webpage to separate the endemic from the epidemic.

floral tributes
Scarlet Banksia Scarlet Banksia (Banksia coccinea)
♥  Sydney Banksias
♥  Coast Banksia
♥  Fern-Leaved Banksia
♥  Hairpin Banksia
♥  Heath Banksia
♥  Old Man Banksia
♥  Silver Banksia

♥  Western Australian Banksias
♥  Western Australian Orchids
♥  Blue Dampiera
♥  Drumsticks & Conesticks
♥  Flannel Flowers
♥  Kangaroo Paws
♥  the Mountain Devil
♥  Spider Flowers - Grevilleas
♥  Sturt's Desert Pea
♥  Sweet Pittosporum
♥  the Waratah

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